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A logistics firm is a company that stores and delivers the products of other businesses. Whether shipping, conducting air transportation or trucking a successful logistics company will need to have some means of freight transportation at its disposal; this makes a start-up logistics firm an expensive investment. A logistics firm is an organization that delivers and stores the products of different organizations. They may have expertise in the import and export of products all through the country, or may focus on ground transportation within the states.

  • The scope in the transport and logistics industry is varied – from a one-man show using a small truck to transport merchandise and offer services, to an armada of transport vehicles which venture to every part of the country. Road transportation includes commuter transport from taxis to bus transportation.

  • It can be an intense industry and there are numerous dangers confronting transport businesses yet in the event that one can take care of business, one can build an effective business.

  • It is a hard industry for new businesses not on account of it being capital intensive, but rather on the grounds that one needs to be reliable. just because it is capital intensive, but because you need to be reliable. Credibility is critical for any transport company as any organisation requiring transport services needs to know that they are not going to be let them down.

  • Dangers confronting the transport business are not just crumbling and congested roads and highways, traffic fatalities and injuries, but financial issues as well. One should not over indebt oneself. Take it gradually and ensure that you have the necessary skills. This not only means having driving skills and licences, but also financial and business skills.

  • It is advisable to have mentorship before embarking into this industry. Some of the areas you need to comprehend include the laws, operating cost estimates, licence fees/permit expenses, toll charges, maintenance, fuel prices and other costs as well as vehicle performance methods.
  • The transport and logistics industry is a simple business to enter, however, the trick comes in sustaining the business. The transport business has a ‘low barrier to entry’ at the base of the market, implying that anybody with a minibus can start offering transport services. This results in a surge of rivalry at the base end of the market.

  • In many instances the entrepreneur starts these businesses with little to no capital, depending rather on revenue derived from the business to cover all overheads from the first day itself. This absence of capital curtails marketing activities that may result in increased income.

  • With fierce competition, administrators slice costs to survive barely making enough to cover their expenses. This naturally leads to a distressed business which is unable to survive. Before starting a transport and logistics company, one must do the homework well. One must work out on how to build a sustainable business and seek out customers and contracts before starting the business because contracts do not appear magically later on. Getting funds is one of the most difficult things for any start-up to achieve. If a business owner walks into a bank and asks for a loan to start a transport business, the chances of a positive response are rare.

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