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Cars can be transported from one city to another city using specially built car carriers which is used by leading car manufacturers to transport their cars from their manufacturing unit to their dealers’ warehouse. Most of the time, car transporters use these vehicles to transport your car in return trip which is usually a door to door services.


Most of the packers and movers companies offer car transportation and shifting services but having a specialist doing your car transportation could be the best possible solution. Obviously, your car is very precious to you and you don’t want even a single scratch on its body during transportation. Only a reliable and specialist car transportation service provider can do that for you and we are here to help you get matched with some of the best car carrier companies within minutes.


How to find best car carrier companies
Car Transportation order to find a truly reliable, affordable and experienced car carrier, you should approach multiple car carrier companies to begin with. Get quotations from all of them so that you can evaluate their offers and understand their terms. We can help you get matched with three of the best car carrier in one click and you should be ready to hire a car carrier in 15 minutes. Just post your car shifting requirements by completing the quote request form to get started now. Once you have quotations from car carrier companies, you are good to evaluate their offers and finalize one of them.


Car transportation can be from door to door or from terminal to terminal so while discussing rates of car moving services with car movers, consider asking the whether they are offering door to door or terminal to terminal service.


Open trailer or closed car carriers services
Car Relocation Services Cars can be transported in open trailer or a closed one and obviously closed trailers are better than the open ones. In an open trailer, your car is visible and exposed to weather conditions, rains, dirt and wind. But some of the car carriers can wrap your car to protect it from dirt and damage, so not an issue. But closed car carrier may costs a little more than the open trailer so take a decision considering and evaluating both the options that you have.


Accessories of Your
Before you approach a car carrier or car transporter company, you should prepare your car for transportation. Preparing your car as in removing accessories like car cover, perfume, music system, DVDs, memory sticks, car alarms, facial paper etc. Basically the idea is to protect your accessories from getting lost or misplaced.


Inspection of car before transporting
Once you finalize a car carrier company, they will come and do a survey of your car and prepare an inspection report. Take a good look at the inspection report before signing on it because your car mover will hand over your car in same condition with same accessories as mentioned in the inspection report. So be very carefully before signing it and take a good look before signing it.


Insurance of your car and transit insurance
Clearly ask your insurance company to find out if your car is also insured for transportation and if not, make sure to buy transit insurance. Car mover can help you understand the finer points, but just make sure to not get it transported without insurance.

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